Searching for Leadership

We’re delighted that Stavros Baroutas has returned with a 2nd blog for the conversation! Following on from “Calling all the Heroes”, Stavros has delved into the chasm in leadership that exists and explores how this gap will be filled: Stavros takes us “Searching for Leadership”: As a notion, leadership concerns leaders themselves, as well as … Continue reading

The ‘Architect’

Following on from our recent post “Time to Design”, Cloud will be publishing short blogs on management theories and tools to aid managers and leaders as the architects of organisational and individual success. Our goal is to aid leaders and managers achieve “self actualisation”, that state where you are being the very best YOU that … Continue reading

The Deming Wheel

The Deming Wheel A great tool for managers of all levels of experience, the Deming Wheel is synonymous with continuous improvement. Sometimes considered an ‘over simplified’ model, the Deming Wheel is actually a very effective tool for not only continuous improvement but any management role or activity and its strength lies in it’s simplicity as … Continue reading

Time to Design!

The gap between how we perceive ourselves and our own ability and how others see and perceive us is nothing new. However the latest research from the Chartered Institute for Personnel & Development (CIPD) in the UK shows the significant detrimental impact this gap can have in real businesses. That only 29% of managers ‘coach’ their … Continue reading

Challenge; Choice; Change!

More from Keno and Lesley Hunter! What do you need to challenge?  What choices are you currently making and how are you planning to change it? Inspire!