Creativity and the Architect

In this short blog, Colin shares his hints and tips (and a visual of the techniques) he uses to help the creative process. Please feel free to leave hints and tips that you’ve found useful in the hope it will #Inspire others!   Need help with your creative process?  Why not visit the Cloud!  Just … Continue reading

Social Media and the Grand Design

Having a social media presence is a ‘must have’ in today’s hyper connected online world.  It has quickly become another ‘business essential’. News and views are shared in an instant and kudos is measured in terms of ‘followers’, ‘likes’, ‘shares’ and ‘retweets’.  The simplicity of social media means that anyone can do it…….but should they? … Continue reading

The Forgotten P’s of Marketing

Everyone who’s ever opened a marketing manual knows about the 4 P’s of marketing: Great advice (although ‘place’ as in the physical location is becoming less relevant in the hyper connected world of online sales but ‘placement’ of products and services is still a significant factor). But there’s 2 P’s missing: Projection Consider how you’re … Continue reading

Olympians of Business

  Watching the London Olympics (2012) has been thrilling; exciting and inspiring and not just because the host (and my home) nation, Great Britain, have already broken their previous medals record with a few events and possibilities still to go. The international spectacle is a reminder to all that dedication; hard work, determination; expert coaching … Continue reading