Employee Enragement and VIP Leaders


Employee engagement has, over the past 20 years, become a mainstay of the management lexicon and the mainstream aspiration of many Boards.  The more enlightened employers even endeavour to create an ‘engaging’ environment proactively!

The conventional wisdom is there are 2 levels – “engaged” and “disengaged” but in reality there is a 3rd, very dangerous kind of employee – the ‘enraged employee‘.

An astonishing number of breaches of local laws; theft or disclosure of commercially sensitive materials or other criminal activities occur in businesses every day and many of these internal attacks are the result of ’employee enragement’.

What is it?  How can you detect it, what causes it and what cures it?

This short blog from Director, Colin Millar explores ‘Employee Enragement‘ further (just click on the mindmap below to explore).

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