Business with the Beatles

Not only is it 50 years since James Bond made his debut on the silver screen; October 2012 also marks the dawning of a musical revolution from Liverpool – The Beatles. Love Me Do marked the start of a musical journey that would change the face of popular music for generations to come. In this … Continue reading

Brand it like Bond

You need to brand……really brand.  It’s been 50 years since since Sean Connery first kicked off what would become the ‘Bond Brand’ in Dr. No and in that time it has endured and gone from strength to strength.  So what’s the secret? Stay true to your origins There have now been 6 different actors all take … Continue reading

Business Gangnam Style?

The world is a much smaller place today than it was pre-1997 and the world wide web revolution.  South Korean rapper, Psy, is the latest phenomenon to demonstrate the power of the web with his Gangnam style – making him the 1st South Korean artist to make it to #1 in the UK music charts … Continue reading