Business Gangnam Style?

The world is a much smaller place today than it was pre-1997 and the world wide web revolution.  South Korean rapper, Psy, is the latest phenomenon to demonstrate the power of the web with his Gangnam style – making him the 1st South Korean artist to make it to #1 in the UK music charts AND star of YouTube’s most popular video EVER!

As with ‘flashmob’, Gangnam style has been repeated in some of the most unusual places as this news report explores.

Psy acknowledges that ‘Gangnam Style’ doesn’t actually mean anything – but that hasn’t stopped him becoming a global phenomenon.

Imagine the power of ‘viral’ for businesses, trouble is the discerning consumer is now so well attuned to spotting a guerrilla marketing campaign that they instantly avoid the bear trap.

So, for now, it seems that Gangnam Style is set to remain a dance phenomenon only.  Nonetheless, it demonstrates the power of the internet in uniting people from all over the globe and that can only be a good thing.


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