Brand it like Bond

You need to brand……really brand.  It’s been 50 years since since Sean Connery first kicked off what would become the ‘Bond Brand’ in Dr. No and in that time it has endured and gone from strength to strength.  So what’s the secret?

Stay true to your origins

There have now been 6 different actors all take on the challenge of making ‘James Bond’ their own whilst wrestling with the requirement to stay true to the origins so that lifelong fans and first time viewers alike can relate to the secret agent.

It’s been achieved through some very careful choreography and clever script writing ensuring that Bond’s values and attributes have remained consistent throughout the 22 released movies (with number 23 about to hit the cinemas).

Regardless of the title actor or director, the essence of Bond has been carefully protected and preserved and Bond’s “style” sustains.

Have a message

Bond’s success has been helped by the message.  Each film is a battle between villains intent on widespread destruction; chaos and world domination and Bond’s pursuit to maintain peace and good, old fashioned, freedoms and principles.

The viewers can relate to this timeless battle between the perceived “good and evil” personified in the characters adorning the screen.

The message has stayed consistent and true, so people know what to expect of James Bond the character and Bond the film offering.  We keep going back because it’s a message we believe in and have internalised.

Be contemporary

Technological advances are being made all the time and over the 5 decades Bond has been fighting to retain world peace, the advances have been revolutionary.

James is always provided with the very best technology has to offer to aid him in his quest and, over time this has evolved along with the advances in reality, keeping Bond current and connected with the audience.

Similarly, the ‘target’ of Bond’s attention has evolved over time, reflecting the political as well as technological movements.

Create aspiration

Every Bond movie creates a little aspiration in the viewer.  Whether it’s the gadgets he possesses or the goals he pursues, everybody will find something ‘inspirational’ about the silver screen hero creating a desire deep in our psyche.

Our following Bond’s adventures is, in a way, our endorsement of the messages being portrayed and our desire to be part of that ‘movement’; adventure; activity; group or lifestyle.

Create engagement

Through these steps, the audience becomes ‘engaged’ and we return time and again to see who Bond is protecting us from; what tools the trade has developed and we enjoy following his constant battles as if we were an intrinsic part of it.

The key to ‘engagement’ is making people feel part of whatever it is you’re doing, be it developing technology or trying to save the world.

One last thing……

Bond always keeps his eye on the target; stays focussed on the objective and is wholly committed to achieving the goal.

Not a bad tactic for any business or aspiring individual……..but there are times when even the indefatigable Mr. Bond requires the help of his friends and colleagues from around the globe as well as those working hard to equip him to achieve his very best from within MI6.

If he was in business, leadership or management, we hope he’d call on Cloud 🙂



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