This is not the blog you’re looking for!

The White House responded┬áto an online petition for the USA to build a Death Star type weapons system with a twist of humour. It looks as though the petition made it past the first hurdle of outright dismissal as the response included a quote for the building of such a system, $850 quadrillion to be … Continue reading

Chuckles from the Cloud

Two fun items from the internet today! A bit of light hearted refreshment for the week-end although there are some serious analogies to be drawn from these items to the world of business when you return to office mode on Monday morning. The first internet funny is the ‘trust fall’. This short clip serves as … Continue reading

I Believe I Can Fly……

In this guest blog, Cloud Director Colin Millar, explores the rise and rise of the “positive mental attitude” movement and the limits of it’s success as an approach to achieving your full potential. In 1996, R&B singer R Kelly told us how he believed he could fly in his pop single of the same title. … Continue reading