Chuckles from the Cloud

Two fun items from the internet today!

A bit of light hearted refreshment for the week-end although there are some serious analogies to be drawn from these items to the world of business when you return to office mode on Monday morning.

The first internet funny is the ‘trust fall’.

This short clip serves as a timely reminder to us all that attempting to develop blind trust is one thing but shared understanding is the cornerstone on which that particular relationship should be built.

If there isn’t shared understanding, the ‘trust’ can quickly be destroyed.

The 2nd video is the ‘invisible drive thru’.

Not everything is always as it would first appear!  It’s also interesting to watch the people in serving the drive thru seek out the support and share the incident with their colleagues, another reminder that those we spend our time with in pursuit of shared professional goals and objectives are often the people from whom we will seek support and reassurance so it’s a relationship worth investing in.

Have a great week-end and remember to #Inspire !


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