This is not the blog you’re looking for!

The White House responded to an online petition for the USA to build a Death Star type weapons system with a twist of humour.

Death_StarIt looks as though the petition made it past the first hurdle of outright dismissal as the response included a quote for the building of such a system, $850 quadrillion to be specific, but with greater analysis, it was felt the cost / benefit ratio was not adequate as the USA does not support destroying other planets and noted the original Death Star was fundamentally weak as a single pilot could, with an accurate shot guided by “the Force”, destroy the planetary weapon.

Of course, the same is true of any construct – including even the largest, multinational companies.

Whilst the concept of employee engagement has been around since the 1970’s, its still a poorly developed skill or tool in most organisations still failing to properly engage your most precious and valuable assets and is undoubtedly costing your company in monetary terms (as well as potential damage to future business; liabilities; damage to your reputation and so on).

employee-engagement-and-alignmentThe ‘Engagement / Alignment’ grid demonstrates the effect of having staff at various stages of the engagement process and, in times of such financial hardship, you can ill afford ‘headless chickens’ or ‘tin soldiers’ in much the way you wouldn’t want to invest quadrillions in a platform that could be destroyed by a single, ‘engaged’ employee who is misaligned with your company’s objectives or is otherwise (perhaps maliciously) motivated!

One thing is for certain, your staff are motivated.  Your job as a leader is to ensure they’re motivated to do the right thing for your company and if your corporate values and the individual’s values don’t fit, perhaps you’re not the company they’re looking for.

May the Force be with you all, #Inspire!



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