This is not the blog you’re looking for!

The White House responded to an online petition for the USA to build a Death Star type weapons system with a twist of humour. It looks as though the petition made it past the first hurdle of outright dismissal as the response included a quote for the building of such a system, $850 quadrillion to be … Continue reading

Chuckles from the Cloud

Two fun items from the internet today! A bit of light hearted refreshment for the week-end although there are some serious analogies to be drawn from these items to the world of business when you return to office mode on Monday morning. The first internet funny is the ‘trust fall’. This short clip serves as … Continue reading

I Believe I Can Fly……

In this guest blog, Cloud Director Colin Millar, explores the rise and rise of the “positive mental attitude” movement and the limits of it’s success as an approach to achieving your full potential. In 1996, R&B singer R Kelly told us how he believed he could fly in his pop single of the same title. … Continue reading

Business with the Beatles

Not only is it 50 years since James Bond made his debut on the silver screen; October 2012 also marks the dawning of a musical revolution from Liverpool – The Beatles. Love Me Do marked the start of a musical journey that would change the face of popular music for generations to come. In this … Continue reading

Brand it like Bond

You need to brand……really brand.  It’s been 50 years since since Sean Connery first kicked off what would become the ‘Bond Brand’ in Dr. No and in that time it has endured and gone from strength to strength.  So what’s the secret? Stay true to your origins There have now been 6 different actors all take … Continue reading

Business Gangnam Style?

The world is a much smaller place today than it was pre-1997 and the world wide web revolution.  South Korean rapper, Psy, is the latest phenomenon to demonstrate the power of the web with his Gangnam style – making him the 1st South Korean artist to make it to #1 in the UK music charts … Continue reading

Employee Enragement and VIP Leaders

  Employee engagement has, over the past 20 years, become a mainstay of the management lexicon and the mainstream aspiration of many Boards.  The more enlightened employers even endeavour to create an ‘engaging’ environment proactively! The conventional wisdom is there are 2 levels – “engaged” and “disengaged” but in reality there is a 3rd, very … Continue reading

Why Organisations Fail

In the following excerpt from his forthcoming book, Cloud Associate and Friend, Stavros Baroutas, explores why organisations fail. Why organisations fail After the financial crisis of 2008, or even a few years before the crisis, most of the organisations were unable to undertake great challenges or changes within the market (for instance, the textile and … Continue reading

Has your idea got the X Factor?

Reality television shows such as the X Factor and Britain / America’s Got Talent are great at developing entertainers but who’s helping the entrepreneurs? At Cloud, we’re convinced there’s a whole untapped body of latent talent in every community and society in every country and we’re determined to realise that potential with you. Got a … Continue reading

Cup Winning Architects

Like it or not, football is one of the most popular and followed sports on the globe today. Inside that esoteric lexicon and labyrinth of rules; regulations and metalanguage, there are many lessons for the business Architect too. Formation: The formation of a football team is dynamic.  The manager will look at the strengths of … Continue reading