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The White House responded to an online petition for the USA to build a Death Star type weapons system with a twist of humour. It looks as though the petition made it past the first hurdle of outright dismissal as the response included a quote for the building of such a system, $850 quadrillion to be … Continue reading

Employee Enragement and VIP Leaders

  Employee engagement has, over the past 20 years, become a mainstay of the management lexicon and the mainstream aspiration of many Boards.  The more enlightened employers even endeavour to create an ‘engaging’ environment proactively! The conventional wisdom is there are 2 levels – “engaged” and “disengaged” but in reality there is a 3rd, very … Continue reading

Why Organisations Fail

In the following excerpt from his forthcoming book, Cloud Associate and Friend, Stavros Baroutas, explores why organisations fail. Why organisations fail After the financial crisis of 2008, or even a few years before the crisis, most of the organisations were unable to undertake great challenges or changes within the market (for instance, the textile and … Continue reading

Searching for Leadership

We’re delighted that Stavros Baroutas has returned with a 2nd blog for the conversation! Following on from “Calling all the Heroes”, Stavros has delved into the chasm in leadership that exists and explores how this gap will be filled: Stavros takes us “Searching for Leadership”: As a notion, leadership concerns leaders themselves, as well as … Continue reading

Time to Design!

The gap between how we perceive ourselves and our own ability and how others see and perceive us is nothing new. However the latest research from the Chartered Institute for Personnel & Development (CIPD) in the UK shows the significant detrimental impact this gap can have in real businesses. That only 29% of managers ‘coach’ their … Continue reading

Challenge; Choice; Change!

More from Keno and Lesley Hunter! What do you need to challenge?  What choices are you currently making and how are you planning to change it? Inspire!

Who Put You in Charge?

Our next instalment from Lesley and Keno is a sample chapter from their book, “Who Put You In Charge?” Click here to read the sample chapter of Who put you in charge? View more documents from colin_millar.

Learning to Lead the Pack

Our next blogs come from Lesley Hunter and Keno.  Keno is an expert in ‘pack leadership’ and over the coming weeks, we’ll be hearing from Keno on how to translate his skills into leadership lessons for humans too.

The 6 Key Indicators of Leadership

Colin Millar is the founding Director of Cloud Management Systems; a management graduate from the Open University Business School; Member of the Chartered Management Institute (MCMI) and Institute of Consulting (MIC) and has held lead roles in the Scottish police service and non-profit organisations. In this conversation, Colin explores what true leadership is and how … Continue reading

Likeability in Leadership

Cloud welcomes LaRae Quy, former FBI Special Agent, blogger, keynote speaker and trainer sharing her experiences and expertise from 25 years service exposing foreign spies and recruiting them to work for the U.S. Government.  LaRae is an author and expert in influence and persuasion. Likeability in Leadership Sally Field is probably best known for her acceptance … Continue reading