Cup Winning Architects

Like it or not, football is one of the most popular and followed sports on the globe today. Inside that esoteric lexicon and labyrinth of rules; regulations and metalanguage, there are many lessons for the business Architect too. Formation: The formation of a football team is dynamic.  The manager will look at the strengths of … Continue reading

Creativity and the Architect

In this short blog, Colin shares his hints and tips (and a visual of the techniques) he uses to help the creative process. Please feel free to leave hints and tips that you’ve found useful in the hope it will #Inspire others!   Need help with your creative process?  Why not visit the Cloud!  Just … Continue reading

Social Media and the Grand Design

Having a social media presence is a ‘must have’ in today’s hyper connected online world.  It has quickly become another ‘business essential’. News and views are shared in an instant and kudos is measured in terms of ‘followers’, ‘likes’, ‘shares’ and ‘retweets’.  The simplicity of social media means that anyone can do it…….but should they? … Continue reading

The Forgotten P’s of Marketing

Everyone who’s ever opened a marketing manual knows about the 4 P’s of marketing: Great advice (although ‘place’ as in the physical location is becoming less relevant in the hyper connected world of online sales but ‘placement’ of products and services is still a significant factor). But there’s 2 P’s missing: Projection Consider how you’re … Continue reading

Emotional Intelligence (E.I.)

In today’s workplace, traditional ‘command and control’ no longer cuts it.  Employers and employees (with particular emphasis on the latter) demand more from their leaders and managers – they want soft skills! One of the most important skills any aspiring or practicing leader or manager (architects) can develop is Emotional Intelligence. If empathy is walking a … Continue reading

The ‘Architect’

Following on from our recent post “Time to Design”, Cloud will be publishing short blogs on management theories and tools to aid managers and leaders as the architects of organisational and individual success. Our goal is to aid leaders and managers achieve “self actualisation”, that state where you are being the very best YOU that … Continue reading

The Deming Wheel

The Deming Wheel A great tool for managers of all levels of experience, the Deming Wheel is synonymous with continuous improvement. Sometimes considered an ‘over simplified’ model, the Deming Wheel is actually a very effective tool for not only continuous improvement but any management role or activity and its strength lies in it’s simplicity as … Continue reading